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27, Vandbæren, United States of America, Santa Barbara, California
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Køn Par Kvinde + Mand
Interesseret i Pige, Mand
Alder 27
Højde 5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Vægt 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
Hår Blondiner
Øjne Blå
Etnicitet Hvid/Kaukasisk
Sprog Engelsk, Italiensk
Hjemby Santa Barbara, California
Kønsbehåring Barberet
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Hvad gør os liderlige
Just read what we wrote in the,” About Us “ category above and you will know everything you need to know about how WILD AND KINKY WE BOTH ARE..!!!
Om os
We have been webcamming for quite some time on a certain site and decided it was time to switch it up. We have heard nothing but the best stuff about Bongacams so we are both super excited. We are here to prove that the Europeans can’t keep claiming all Americans are prude. LoL, cuz that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the two of us. We are the KINKIEST,DIRTIEST,WILDEST most fun, “NO LIMITS,” couple and individuals you will EVER find if that’s what your looking for and the type of Private Shows we do and are willing to do LoL 🫦👅🫦!!! We REALLY have NO LIMITS over here and we aren’t shy at all, so don’t you be with us. We are SUPER KINKY SEXUAL DEVIANTS to the ABSOLUTE FULLEST.!! You name it, we are into it and have most likely already done it at least a few times or so… LoL👅. We have been together for a long, long time so your going to always get 100% real with us, People either Love us or Hate us LoL, there’s rarely an in between LoL 🫦🫦..!!! So come into our room and have an experience of a lifetime with us, something you’ll never forget EVER..!!! Whatever the roleplay or fantasy is that you would like us to play out with you or perform for you is always going to be a show that leaves you in awe of just how far we will go and just how filthy and Kinky we are and can really be. If you haven’t guessed already we like to get Really visual about whatever we are roleplaying about or really whatever it is that we are doing sexually, we always go all out and never stop pushing those limits and kinks with eachother and with our fans/followers that watch us and dare come into our dark, sexually Deviant world with us. We LOVE Dirty Talk if you couldn’t already tell, we take the whole Dirty Talk thing to the next level with every show and private and really everything we do all together LoL… I Love to be degraded and humiliated by Cade and by whoever does shows with us, if that’s your thing. I just Love being Slut Shammed and I have quite the dirty mouth on me myself just wait and see and Cade is ALWAYS here and more than ready to put me in my Cum Dumpster Whore place.🫦. So let’s go everyone who can take us to a private that we’ll never forget.?? Cuz We already know nobody that takes us private will EVER forget that experience and we are just beyond excited to show all of YOU..!!! 🫦👅🫦
Hvad tænder os ikke
Don’t think either of us have an answer for this question LoL..!!! 🫦👅🫦
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